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January 2021

Vegan Cinnamon Vanilla French Toast

Calling all French Toast Lovers! Especially the lovers who love it but can’t get past the strong egg taste! This one is for you! My Cinnamon Vanilla French Toast recipe is one that I’m so excited to share because this has been an ongoing issue for me. I love french toast but I dislike eggs no matter how you make it. Though eggs is just a single component of what makes french toast, it can sometimes end up being the star of it. I never realized that till I started going out for weekly brunches. I would order French toast at various restaurants and would be so turned off by the overbearing egg taste that I avoided ordering French toast completely for a few years. Until I came across an egg-less version at a local restaurant and fell in love. The restaurant’s french toast was chia-based which to me wasn’t the best visually but at the root of it all the french toast was vegan.

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Crispy Spicy Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookies

spicy dark chocolate chunk cookies 3

Every now and then I get a little sweet tooth and though it’s so easy to grab something out of the pantry. There’s just something about a fresh batch of chocolate chip cookies that hits the spot. With the copious amount of spicy hot chocolate I’ve been making over the holidays, I’ve gotten so accustomed to spicy hot chocolate that I wanted to make a Crispy Spicy Dark Chocolate Chunk Cookie reminiscent of it.

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Blackened Maple Soy Lime Salmon with Veggie No Fried Rice

Maple Soy Lime Salmon with Veggie Fried Rice

Have you ever made something that was so good that you surprise yourself? This is how I feel with my Blackened Maple Soy Lime Salmon with Veggie No-Fried Rice. This combo came together randomly but paired together so well for an easy and quick weekday lunch or dinner. This dish is packed with flavor and is a great alternative to greasy takeout and takes 30 minutes to make!

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