Thought of the day: Freeze it up

June 13, 2012

As I stated before, I tend to do all my shopping on the weekends for all my fruits and veggies. But I was getting tired of  throwing out a good amount of food due to spoiling every week as well. So this week i decide to cut up all my fruits that I bought and made little zip lock baggies (sandwich size) of the fruits i planned on putting in my daily breakfast  smoothies and green smoothies. This took about a good hr but it really cut down on the time i take to prepare my smoothies the night before. To stop the formation of a big block of ice the morning of, the night before i thaw out the fruits in the baggie and then drop them in my Nutri Bullet except the bananas.  In the morning I throw in the bananas and a couple of the frozen fruits in, making my smoothie creamy and ice cold. Its great way to get ice cold smoothies with out the use of ice while saving you money at the same time!



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