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Veggies and Potato Bowl

There’s a big misconception that eating healthy is time consuming and expensive. I for one can say that at times it can be, but with a little practice or effort it can be quick and cost effective. Being a recent grad I’ve been juggling  going to interviews, working full time and freelancing on the side, so I really don’t have time to prep my meals like I used to. So I make it an effort to find simple ways to continue to eat reasonably healthy without having to rely on take out.

My breakfast is generally always a green or berries protein smoothie so I tend to make batches and store them in mason jars to last me the week or at least mid-week.  For lunch I usually go to Whole Foods Market to get a light lunch at the salad bar.  By dinner time, I make a simple basic meal using whatever I have at hand, and it usually consist of 50% veggies. I generally like to take shortcuts on alot of things , so I buy pre-cut items or even frozen veggies to save on time and money from produce going bad. Luckily a Trader Joes opened by my house, so I can get things like frozen bell peppers at a reasonable price.

With that being said, One of my favorite go to meals lately is my Veggies and Potato Bowl. This meal is so easy to make that i make this just about every other week. This can be made with fresh or frozen veggies and the ingredients can be swapped out  for whatever you on hand.  This dish is hearty and can be made as a side or a complete meal.

 Veggies and Potato Bowl

  • Trader Joes Roasted Potatoes with Roasted peppers and onions
  • Trader Joes Melange A Trois ( Frozen Tri-Color Bell Peppers) (optional)
  • El Sembrador diced onions and peppers (optional)
  • Fresh or Frozen Spinach
  • Fresh Kale
  • Grape Tomatoes
  •  Garlic
  • Italian Seasoning
  • Thyme
  • Red Pepper Flakes
  • Water or vegetable broth

Heat the skillet with a little oil, Once hot add the garlic . Then add the peppers and onion until they are fully cooked. Toss in the  potatoes and cook till brown. Then add the spinach,kale and tomatoes in until they wilt down. Pour in a cup of water or broth and let the veggies and potatoes cook thoroughly.

This dish is great with Haricot green beans, broccoli, carrots and so much more. The combination is endless!

Happy Cooking!



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